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My name is Jason Quinlan. I have been a professional SEO and Internet marketer since 1997. SEO is the only job I've had in 20+ years, and trust me, that's hard to do. You have to roll with constant changes in the Google algorithms. My unorthodox SEO methods helped me stay ahead of the curb, one of them was using Pinterest very early on. Now I would like to share with you some of the awesome things you can do other search engine professionals either aren't doing or sharing publicly. In this course, I tell you everything that's helped me keep a competitive edge for years using Pinterest.

About This Site

Advanced Pinterest Tricks Reloaded 2017

Special Update: Pinterest SEO 2017 "Reloaded" Is Here!

I have massively expanded to content in Pinterest SEO Tricks to 50 lectures (4 hours) which is double the original course. Unlike most Digital product creators that simply abandon the product and move onto the next thing, all of my courses perpetually update. Meaning, if there is a significant change in whatever topic I am covering, but As soon as I can wrap my head around it I will update the material.

The biggest expansions are in the structured data, there is now a design section to help you bring new life into Evergreen blogs posts, and most notably I have included a massive BlackHat the Section that covers a wide variety of strategies. The best part is, you won't need them if you just stick to the core principles. I also have added a number of random tips and tricks I've picked up over the last three years.

Most SEO "Guru's" will tell you that Pinterest is useless for search engine optimization because "is only pictures." I'm about to prove them wrong. Pinterest is one of the most powerful and underutilized forms of social media on the internet. Not only is Pinterest a great platform to enhance your SEO efforts, but it's traffic also has a higher "commercial intent" (meaning people looking to buy) and, therefore, is much "warmer."

Special Note

If you were an original member of this course, you don't need to join again, all you have to do is log in to review the updated content. This is my way of thanking everyone who believed in me at the beginning if you bought the original course, you are grandfathered in! 

Also, all of the original videos are cleaned up and "remastered" after watching them for a while I couldn't believe bad I sucked at the beginning.

Why Is Pinterest So Powerful?

For starters, let's take a look at the domain metrics. Since Google is no longer displaying PageRank, we now turn to third-party metrics to determine the strength of a site. As you can see, Pinterest has a domain authority of 100 (which is the same as Google itself) and a very high trust flow, which is considered to be the most important metric by the search engine community.

Pinterest Metrics

Why Should I Take This Course?

Of all the different Web 2.0 properties, Pinterest is perhaps the most under-appreciated and most robust. People aren't aware of the power under Pinterest's hood because it is so simple. This course teaches you how to take full advantage and multiply the effects the powerful features inside of Pinterest including NAP placements, Pin geotagging, and semantic data that many people don't even know is available. Even better, we teach a few methods that don't even have a name in the SEO vernacular (until maybe after this course), such as:

  • "Pin Silos" just like with website architecture, you can silo your pins and between accounts by creating group boards, which are weighted more heavily by Pinterest. In some situations, you can have other people doing your SEO for you, and they won't even know it!

  • "New Structured Data Training" - Pinterest is the first and only social network to get on board with the structured data train. You can do some amazing things and it's not as complicated as it looks.JSON-LD is quite straightforward to write and does not require you to be you coder. The example is I have here may be enough to get you on your way. Plus, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in our private Facebook group.

  • Massive BlackHat Section - how I expanded the course to include training for those who like to walk on the dark side of SEO. Like I said if you just stick to the white and the gray there is no need to even use these tactics, but there is definitely a crowd for the so I threw it in there. Use these techniques at your own risk, but it pulled off correctly they are extremely powerful.

  • Designing Original Pins - Also it was my original intention to not get heavily into the design I discovered a message where you can return to content that has been slowly dropping in the rankings and give it a second shot at life in Google. This is completely "WhiteHat" by the way. Besides, sense of interest is a visual medium it only makes sense to teach some design basics.

  • "Tag Pinning" - Most SEO experts will tell you to "noindex" your tags to avoid duplicate content problems. Using the power of Pinterest and some ultra-stealth on-page techniques, you can turn it your "useless" tags into multiple new paths for people to find your website. In the case study contained in the training, I show you how I ranked a WordPress tag for a medium competition term by just pinning it using the "Pin Silo" and "Thunder Pin" techniques. Better yet, I saw results so fast I didn't even finish filming the videos when I reached my goal. That is why you will find a case study in the middle of the curriculum.

  • "Map Stacking" With just the press of a single browser button you can Embed semantic map data inside more semantic map data than in more high domain authority properties. With a combination of geo-tagged pins and "hard NAP" data, we have been able to quadruple stack location data. If you are a local SEO, this is a huge advantage.

  • "Thunder Pinning" Did you know that you can use Pinterest to send your pins to all of the Google Data aggregators with a simple press of a button? Thunderpinning is the difference between your pins being so quiet you can literally "hear a pin drop" and an atomic bomb! The infamous and dreaded "thunderpin" could soon be another weapon in your SEO tool belt.

  • "Adding Schema Data To Pins" - Schematic data has been a buzzword for some time in the SEO community, apparently Pinterest caught on. Using your business account, you now can add Schema Data with "rich pins." This feature is quite new, and we haven't even seen how it will dramatically affect the SERPS and click-through rates!

  • "Creating A Master Board" - Using this technique you can have one high authority Master board that will leverage your "SEO Pins".

  • "Pinterest For Business" - a majorly overlooked aspect of Pinterest. You can use business accounts to verify an ad on authority to your websites as well as reinforce map and geographic data for local search.

  • "Making Your Pins Sexy"This will help bring engagement to your boards. Many people overlook the fact it is not the number of times you have posted to social media, it is all about the level of engagement and with Pinterest, a little goes a long way. Plus, by using your "Master Board," you can be the puppet master to leverage that engagement.

  • "Defensive Pinning" - Pins that get a decent amount of social engagement also rank quite well. They can be used to bump your competitors off the front page.

  • "Advanced RSS Strategies" - I bet you didn't know interest has an awesome RSS feed that also looks great! I will teach you how to strategically use it to your it to your advantage

Pinterest and High Commercial Intent
I refer to Pinterest as the "Bridge to Amazon" and here is some data to back that up:
  • 88% of people purchase what they pin
  • Pinterest has over 70 million users
  • The 70 million users have posted a combined total of over 30 million pins
  • 80% of pins are re-pins (like re-Tweets)

This all sounds awesome, but I don't have enough time!

As an Internet marketer, I realize that you are always trying to juggle multiple projects. That is the beauty of Pinterest. Its interface is so clean that incorporating Pinterest into your SEO strategy can be done in less than a minute. If you are producing so much content that not being able to hit a browser button becomes an issue, this is a process easily outsourced and scaled via virtual assistants.

The Links Are "Nofollow"!

It's time to get it over whether links are followed or not. The original purpose of the "nofollow" tag was to combat comment spam in WordPress blogs. The fact is, all links to your site whether they are followed or re-directed are visible in your search console. Do you think that Google cares about a snippet of code that says "nofollow"? By that same criteria, would you turn down a link from a popular YouTube channel or Wikipedia page because it had a "nofollow" tag?

I didn't think so.

Is This White Hat?

There is no such thing as "white hat" or "black hat". If you are trying to manipulate Google results, your hat is black! Just by using the techniques mentioned above there is no need to do any mass link building from low-quality domains. Unless, of course, your modus operandi is using GSA or some other spam tool. In the last section of this training, I explain exactly how you can do that using the power of Pinterest!

The Prices on This Training Will Go up!!

We are still in the pre-launch of this training. The videos in the members' area and all the training material is 100% complete, but when this site formally launches on JV Zoo, the prices will go up dramatically. This isn't some re-hashed 50 page PDF of CPA methods promising to make $300,000 per minute on autopilot while vacationing in the Bahamas and working for only five minutes a day. These are little tricks and tips that have given me an edge over my competitors, and I've been using them for years. Now I'm sharing them with you.

Pinterest SEO Tricks is advanced training, but you don't have to know any code or be any WordPress guru to take advantage of it because it's based on the easiest form of social media there is: Pinterest. This training is by an Internet professional who hasn't had a "real job" since 1997.

The seven dollar price gets you full access to all 16 exclusive videos and all of the other training material in the member's area with no tricky upsells! This price won't last for long. The techniques contained herein don't even have terms in the lexicon of Internet marketing such as map stacking, thunder pinning, tag pinning, and pin silos. This is high quality and groundbreaking IM training that any marketer from beginner to advanced can benefit. Hurry up and get full access to this limited time offer while you can: JOIN NOW!!



" Hey Jason, I purchased this the other day. Great job with this product :)" - Steve S

"It's a pretty sick little course, but I wouldn't expect anything else considering your knowledge level." - MM

SECTION 1: Pinterest Basics

Lesson 1:

Why Pinterest / Pinterest Intro


Lesson 2:

Setting Up Your Pinterest "Master Account"


Lesson 3:

Tips For Setting Up A New Pinterest Account


Lesson 4:

How to Pin with Speed and Etiquette

SECTION 2: Tips To Grow Your Pinfluence

Lesson 5:

The Advantage of Making Your Pinterest Sexy


Lesson 6:

Link building and Orphaned Accounts


Lesson 7:

Adding Promotional Posts To Your Master Board

SECTION 3: Pinterest For Business (WhiteHat)

Lesson 8:

How To Use Pinterest For Business

Pinterest SEO Tricks

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