How to promote an account on Pinterest

1. Create a business account

As in other social networks, P wonder has personal and business accounts. Registration of a business account is free of charge. You will get access to statistics, the ability to optimize the pins (“Detailed pins”) and advertise them. “Detailed pins” allow you to add recipes, links to articles, product, application.

If you already have a personal account and its content is the same as the content of the blog, you can convert it into a business account by reference. Inappropriate content of your blog boards are better hidden in the classified category, then they will not affect the search engine optimization.

If you do not have an account or on your boards interior and recipes, and you need to promote a blog about tailoring your own clothes on patterns, then it’s better to start a new business account.

2. Draw up the profile

The role of profile design in Pinterest is greatly exaggerated. The description of what you are doing, some nice personal detail – all this is more important in social networks. In Pinterest you need to use the keywords that you want your pins to find. Keywords can be found in the search bar.

The photo on the avatar is the same as in all social networks, do not confuse users. Previously, my profile in Pinterek was issued as a profile in my personal Instagram.

3. Draw the boards

Look at your account as a glossy magazine of a blog or business, and on the boards in your account – as in the headings. Leave those boards that reflect the essence of the blog and brand. Unnecessary, personal and obsolete hide, making them secret.

Most of the pins on the platform are in English, so you also want to name the boards in English. But if you focus on growing multi-language traffic and work with Pinterest as a search engine, it is important to use the keywords in the name of the boards in English.

Do not neglect the description of boards using keywords. Do not forget to specify the category.
When users enter their query into the search bar, the search engine produces not only pins, but also profiles, boards with key names.
If you created a new board, then make it a secret. Share only after adding 25 pins.

4. Draw the cover for the boards

If you plan to promote not only posts in the blog, but also the Poverest-account itself, take time to design the covers for the boards. You can select and fix the cover in the properties of the board.

I once picked up the covers for all the boards. Now I think that the importance of decorating boards with beautiful pictures is exaggerated, still the key role is played by keywords and search engine optimization.

5. Set the Detailed Pins

If you have “Detailed Pins” installed, P wonder will recognize that this is a PIN from an authorized blog. Such pins show additional information in the description of the pin – the one you indicated, and not what the user wrote, plus, indicate the name of the site and look more solid from it.

To connect this function, change the metadata on the site. On the WordPress engine, this is done using the free Yoast Seo plugin. In the site administration in the menu SEO> Social networks> Facebook and the item Add metadata Open Graph, mark as “Enabled”.

Go to the “Detailed Pins” validation page and paste a link to any blog post in the window. Click the “Validate” button and wait for confirmation on the mail. Once you have authorized the site in this way, you will confirm all future pins from your site.

6. Publish new pins

It’s simple. It is necessary to kick. Several times a day.

There are programs that automate the process, for example, Amplifier. Some experts believe that the effectiveness of promotion in Pinterest depends on how much time you spend on the platform and recommend to kick manually.

When I put the experiment to promote the account, I kicked 2-3 times a day, in the morning at breakfast, at dinner and in the evening in front of the TV. If you do this, then the number of subscribers grows and quickly. But the growth of subscribers in Pinterest does not mean the automatic growth of traffic.

In addition, use the standard methods of promotion: place the Punctuation icon on the sidebar of the site, tell visitors that you have an account in P wonder, include it in posts, including with the help of the widget.

7. Integrate the content of the blog into thematic boards

In those pins that you fix on your boards, integrate the pins from your site and then they will appear in the tapes of your subscribers. Break the pins on thematic boards. The general recommendation is for 10 foreign peers to own one.