Mixed boards and pins

Mixed boards

In Pinterest there is such a thing as joint boards. At first I was skeptical about them, I did not understand why I should add other people’s boards to myself. But then, after trying, I realized that this is a huge plus. When creating the board, you can choose whether this board is just your personal, or you invite someone else for joint publications on this board.

The user who agrees to “kick” on your board, it will also be displayed in his account. Thus, if you add popular, well-known people who already have many subscribers, your board is automatically added to them in your account. And their subscribers can see your board in the same way. When you add a lot of people (some add 500,000 people), all these people actively participate in your boards. And, besides what they kick in there, they can still be your target audience, interested and can repin your pins and generally go over, read your content, click on your links.

How to invite?

You need to find the right person for the joint board, you must be friends with him, subscribe to him. If he did not subscribe to you back, you can write him a private message. This is a bit difficult, because on Pinterest you can not write a private message, if you are not subscribed, so you will have to search for a person. I found the right people on Linkedin, Facebook, went to sites, wrote in private messages on the sites, filled out application forms. If I want someone to kick on my board, I’ll find this person. That is, you find leaders of opinions and communicate with them. They, with pleasure, as a rule, participate (provided that you already have enough subscribers).

In addition, it is very important to start cooperating in other people’s boards. You will be able to publish your own posts on the boards in other accounts. And if these boards are already advanced, popular, they already have a lot of users. Accordingly, they get much more repins very quickly than if you just add people to yourself.

How to again add to other people’s boards, how to start publishing there?

There is an excellent site called pingroupie.com, it’s free. Here you can find any joint boards. That is, enter the title (which can be in the header of the board) and browse the most popular boards. For example, I introduced “yoga” and found the most popular yoga boards. Find necessary and click on them, you throw them on Pinterest you see the conditions for sharing this board (you can read what you can publish on this board). And often the owners of the boards indicate how to contact them to start kicking in this board. Some write that they do not invite anyone else, someone on the contrary writes that we are open for invitations, just contact us.

How to find the person who created this board? It’s just the left of the very first participant from the entire list of participants. That is, it will be written how many people participate in this board, and your task is to find the first one.

In fact, when I started participating in other boards, I gained considerable growth. Immediately, my subscribers began to grow much faster, and my pins began to be more actively shared.

Question: How many pins do I have to publish?

I usually publish 10-15 pins a day.

Question: How many people can I subscribe to and in what time period?

Sign up for 100 people a day. Mass following is the best technique in Pinterest and there is nothing terrible in it. At the start, your task is to subscribe to 100 people a day. Take this for yourself as a habit and do it every day.

Question: How to find your target audience?

At the very beginning I found joint boards, went to them and watched who was participating in them. And it was written on the participants of the joint boards. In principle, many are signed. These are people who publish exactly about yoga. That is, I 100% understand that these are real people, they are targeted, they are interested, the same thing as me and most of them are not really companies, they are ordinary people who use Pinterest and love yoga. They jointly participate in the boards in their own pleasure, and not in order to promote their site. This is very popular in Pinterest. The second thing you can find is, you can go in and see who shared the pins, and subscribe to these people. In this case, you can subscribe not to a full account, but only to several boards that you might be interested in. Here you can go to this person and see that he has a bunch of everything, there is hairstyle, and workout and clothes. We are only interested in yoga, sign only for yoga, and not for the whole account. Thus, you will subscribe to your followers. And a little later, when you go into the news, you will see everything that concerns exactly your subject.