Rules of etiquette on Pinterest

Let’s talk a little about the rules of etiquette. This is extremely important, because you do not want to scare away potential visitors to your site.

To effectively use Pinterest, follow the following rules.

  • Publish materials on the board mixed with other thematic materials from other users. Approximately 50/50. You will see, it will be appreciated.
  • Do not ever deceive a visitor. Behind the picture there should be a source, your site or the proposed product. Do not substitute left links.
  • Use themed boards and pins.
  • Make a multiple description of the image. Sometimes the image does not speak for itself, and a few words will help people click on the link.
  • Do not post all at once. Do it gradually, you do not want to look like a spammer.
  • Publish your pins several times a day or every other day.
  • If you like something, put “Laik”.

Efficient use of Pinterest

What should I look for in order to better use Pinterest in your interests? Let’s look at a few examples of how to improve the attractiveness of your reviews. And thereby attract more traffic to your site.

Image (pins)

There are several points that you should pay attention to when creating and publishing an image in Pinterest.

First, try to ensure that your image attracts the eye with visual contact, prompted to action. To do this, you can add titles over the image.

Secondly, the pins can be of two kinds. The first option is a miniature or we will say any other image from your article that reflects the essence of the issue. Such images can be published directly from the site.

The second option is very long images reflecting the essence of the matter. Such images should be made specifically for publication in Pinterest. As an example I recommend to look at my pin on the book 24 of the Internet profession, here.

According to statistics, the second option works better.

I admit this is my omission, but I warn you early. Put your captions on your pins. This is another possibility to fix the image for you.

Descriptions and prices

If you sell or recommend goods and services, Pinterest is ideal for this.

You can place an image of your product and make a description for it with a price. People like the specifics in the proposal, when it is clear what you pay for and what you get.

Also you can easily add a price with a back reference to the source.

Use the hashtag in the description (# tag). So your pins will quickly appear in the issue for similar queries.

Example: # matryoshka.

Brand (your style)

You must maintain your boards at a high level. Create your own style, brand. You can publish your own content and recommend affiliate products. And people with great confidence will treat you and want to place your pins on their boards.

How to find your audience

Pinterest is just beginning to gain popularity in our country. At that time, as in America this social network occupies an honorable third place. And it’s good, since you are the first who took the place in the front row. And over time, more and more people will come to this social network and add you to their boards as well-known authors.

As for attracting the audience, we need to start with the obvious. Tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on about your pins in Pinterest and let people know that you’ve found something new, warm up their interest.

In the same network Pinterest ways to promote the same as in other social networks.

To find the target audience, use the search and key queries on your topic. Search results are better sorted by boards, and by looking at a specific board, you can decide to subscribe to this board.

I also recommend that from each board select 3-5 pins, most suitable for the theme of your site and place on your board. To do this, open the pin and click on the “Pin it” button.

Thus, you dilute your pins, with the pins of other people, which in turn will have a positive effect on the progress of your pins.