What are “pins” and how to get more “repins”?

Where to register the transition to the site?

When you add a picture, there is a button on the left side “Save a pin”. When you click on it, the “Add picture / download” prompt appears and you can add the address of your site. You can also add some description, add a pin-description-keywords.

At each stage, write down the key words:

  • at the account level,
  • at the board level,
  • at the level of each pin.

So you fill out the boards. That is, you can add your own, but, at a minimum, you need to make 6 repins of others.

80% of the content is outposts. Because users are looking for accounts, where for them in the daddy collected the information they need. That is, if you collect everything for users: yoga for weight loss, yoga postures, yoga at bedtime, yoga in the morning, even if these are not your articles, people will be happy.

If this is quality content, articles related to the desired topic, then collect the information in one daddy, and people will be happy.

About keyword search. Each of these keywords is a separate board, that is, a separate daddy. The more you create, the more free traffic you get. That is, these are the keywords for which you are indexed by Pinterest.


For high-quality promotion in different countries it is desirable to create a new brand account, or you can use your personal account. You can use your personal, closing personal folders, it’s excellent. People like to interact with people more. When you share information personally, like a person, not a brand, this is even more of a plus. It is quite possible to promote your brand, and hide your personal folders. That is, there is an opportunity in Pinterest to create closed folders that will be visible only to you.

It is better that the account was old. Because Pinterest is a search engine. The older the account, the easier it is to move forward.

How to create a site account? We create the same as usual, only you can choose “Business account” and call it the site account. For this, you do not need to pay extra and your personal account can also always be translated into the status of a business account. It can be converted to Pinterest for business. I.e: you can register a new one, or change the account type. and add additional information to the site.

What is important to consider when creating a pin?

Well, here’s the perfect Pinterest calls 735 for 1200. But you can make them of any length. Your task is to make it in a width of 735 pixels, and in length you can make them different. Strongly long to do bad. Because from the phone it is poorly displayed, it will be difficult to view it all. I noticed that it’s best when 735 is multiplied by 2, there are 1400, 1600. Do not create all the pictures of the same size, it’s just interesting when they are all of different lengths, it adds, well, I do not know the coolness in Pinterest. And it’s more interesting when they are different.

Create pins of different colors so that they do not get lost next to each other and stand out against the background in your account. I’ll give another piece of advice: if a pin for a virus is very strong, it should definitely be repainted to itself. The more in your account of popular pins, the better it will be to index Pinterest.