What can you do in Pinterest?

1. Picture for each board. In fact, it’s very cool when you can visually provide the name of each board, plus add brand elements there, in other words, zabrendiruet each of its boards.

2. Description of the boards. If you visually represent the name of the board (the picture corresponds to the name), this gives good results. The only problem is that this name is only visible on computers, on mobile phones the boards are not shown in this form. But, nevertheless, each of these pictures you accompany a link to your site.

Here’s an example of Survival Life:

Here everything is structured, visually clear, try to repeat)) In our case, we made a template (I ordered a template from the designer in 4 colors.) I change the name and add them. Survival Life makes a little bit more complicated, they still change the picture on the background.

3. The name of the boards, the selection of keywords. Here, keywords are even more important than keywords in your account. That is, here we have an example with yoga poses.

How will we choose words?

In Pinterest, at the very top there will be a place where you can enter a search query.
You enter “yoga” and Pinterest will show examples of what people often enter with the query “yoga”. We take these requests, at least 5, collect and add to the description of their boards.

Here we prescribe yoga poses, benefit. Everything, everything that can concern the keywords.

Look through all that is there and drive in and your options (for example, yoga poses for beginners, for sleep). All words that relate to yoga poses are added to the descriptions of this daddy. Similarly, you do with every next one. That is, the more keywords you create, the more you will be shown.

When I need to think up the name of the board, I do not advise it. Pinterest is a search engine, and if you enter keywords in exact accordance, you will get much more organic traffic than if you are fantasizing at this stage.

On each page you can specify your site, additional information, but most importantly, prescribe the main keywords. Hash tags in this social network are practically not working. Experts do not recommend using more than 1-2 hashtags in the pin.

Next, your task is to add at least 6 pins. On the computer you can see 4, but on the phone you can see everything 6. Therefore, you need to fill 6 pins at once. You go in search of pins and repinite them on your board.

Note that searching for a query at the top of the issuance is often not the most relevant. Because Pinterest indexes on the interaction with the pin.

Important! Pinterest indexes by how people share a pin, how they like it, how they go to the site, and therefore on a higher position there may be a less relevant query.

For example, at the request of yoga, here is our pin, that is, he made his way to the top, and in a month he collected 11,000 repins, 11.5 thousand repins. What is very important, you enter the request and before adding it to yourself, open it and go to the site. Once again I repeat, there are a lot of spammers in Pinteres, and they very often add a picture, but they do not go there.

If your account is filled with such pins that lead to uninteresting information, then it will be hard. It is better to spend an extra minute, go read about what the site is about, about which the article, at least, see that this is really an article, and then add it to yourself.

You looked, then click “Save” and choose which of the boards you want to add this article. That is, in this way, everything is structured. The more you create the boards, the better. Each of these boards should be filled with 6 pins. Then your account will be ready for further promotion.

Total – the account should not be filled only with your content. When you create an ack in pinterest, it should not consist only of links to your site.