What is Pinterest and how does it work?

And most importantly, you will learn the step-by-step strategy of free promotion in Pinterest.

Our project is only 4 months old and during this time we have recruited 10 thousand active subscribers in Facebook and Pinterest 3000. I have not worked with these social networks before, I have never been an SMM-box. I started and studied everything from scratch. But!

I have excellent teachers, Americans, Internet marketers with a huge experience. That’s why everything works out quite well, we already receive traffic from Pinterest, regularly and for free, which pleases. I wanted to collect everything that I do not to forget, and share it with you.

Yes, in this network it is quite possible for FREE promotion. The money in my project was spent on the design of each pin. But again, the design can be conjured by yourself, you can trust the staff designer, you can give to freelancing. A couple of times I tried to promote pins for money, but I can not say that it gave me great results. Much better worked free promotion techniques.

What is pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search and social network. That is, imagine that you enter a query in Google, but each site looks like a picture. For example, I entered the query “yoga”, and we see a few pictures – each of these pictures is a picture on the site. That is, if we press it once, it will increase. If we press again, we will get to the site.

As in any other social network, Pinterest users can enjoy, share, add to their friends, save each site and then search for the necessary sites already in their bookmarks.

Social acknowledgments (when the page is interesting to many) give your pinnacle the opportunity to get to a high position. And after that you will be able to get free traffic for a long time.

For example, in Facebook, a post lives for several days (some posts after the promotion to stay for about a week, maybe even more can be achieved, it’s about organic promotion). And in Pinterest post can bring traffic for 3-4 months, very good posts can last a year or more.