Which pins work?

In Pinterest very many people add everything in such calm tones (light pink, blue, white). I would not say that this is a mistake, but you can achieve much more results if you make bright pins. Bright pins on the background of others stand out, and people, as a rule, begin to quickly repair them.

The second thing that seems important to me. People like to see as much information as possible on the picture itself. Let’s just say, there are 2 kinds of pins. The first is the picture and title of the article. There are pins on which there is an article heading, plus some information that already exists in this article, such infographic. That is, a description of what people will find if they cross this pin. On the first, which only the headings, you can get more conversions to the site. You get more traffic to the site, but they share less. That is, this pin. We received 11,000 replicas, and only 9,000 conversions to the site. That is, not all those who shared them, went to the site. They just had to look at the information in the picture.

How to write texts to pictures?

In the “Descriptions” section. If you make a richpin, if the information is pulled from your site, it will automatically be bold to add text. For example, at the beginning I included the title of the article in the description, and then the name itself was tightened up. You can copy the title of the article, or prescribe keywords. And that, and that works. That is, at least yoga poses should repeat at least once in the description.

Dimensions and quality of pins?

Create high-quality pictures – this is the most important thing. Pinterest is a visual social network. The most important thing that you should pay attention to, if you want to achieve effective promotion in Pinterest, you need to work on quality pictures.

Staff designer Freelancer (fiverr.com, upwork.com. Freelance.ru) Independently (Canva.com, PicMonkey)

It’s very cool when you have a person who will at any time make a picture for each article. I have already developed a system. I order an article from the copywriter, I add it to the site, I order a picture in Pinterest, a picture in Facebook (that is, everything is already a package to the article). And the article is published in Pinterest immediately after it was added to the site. The third way you can create high-quality pictures is with PicMonkey and Canva.com.

PicMonkey – paid, Canva.com also has a paid version, but free is enough. I really love Canva. Even many designers, in the States, when they have to do something very quickly, they do not even go to Photoshop or any programs that they use, but they quickly do everything in Canve. That is, try it. There are already a huge number of templates, you can use them.

If you do not have the opportunity now, if you are doing your own promotion of your blog or product, Canva.com is perfect. A free version is enough. There is also, by the way, one good site – quotescover.com. If you do not have the opportunity to pay the designer or are not sure of your design qualities, you are afraid of Photoshop, tried Kanwu – did not go well (well, you never know). You can try this tool. I myself a couple of times, when I quickly needed a picture, I did it here.

Pinterest as a source of free links for SEO.

That’s what’s cool in P wonder, this is one of the few social networks that gives backlinks, backlinks to the site. And despite the fact that my project does not have a SEO. We do not work with external links, but at the same time we have 6,000 links and, according to some keywords, we have already gotten out not just in the top, but in the top 3 (the site is 4 months old and this is the USA). That is, these are very steep results. We already get organically somewhere up to 400 transitions a month from different search engines, and I concluded for myself that the majority gives Pinterest. We did not buy links or even post articles on other sites. That is, we still do not have high-quality links on good sites. But Pinterest gave 6,000 references. Our only 30 pins, everything else – these people repinjat our “pins” to themselves, add them to their boards, and thanks to this, each of these boards we have a link to our site. Cool for SEO: you do not spend a penny and get enough links, plus social signals. That’s why Pinterest and SEO work together perfectly.