Who is promoting promotion in Pinterest?

Pinterest regularly grows, he has a huge potential. And, naturally, if you plan to work with the American market, then you should definitely consider this network as a channel for promotion. Cheap, high-quality traffic, easy to advance for free. People go to Pinterest already set up to buy or search for a service.

The male audience is growing: in 2015, compared to 2014, it is 130%. On average, users spend a little more than 14 minutes on this network. Women are more active (on the average, 92% are fastened by women). A lot of visitors come from mobile devices. Interesting nuance: on Pintere 80% of posts are reposts (that is, people basically share already existing information, rather than add a new one). And if you create new information, it will be carried very quickly, because people are bored with the same thing.

To whom does it suit?

Well, if you are running any blog, every article can be presented visually. It can look like a small picture with text.

Steps to create an account and promote it

Let’s go through the stages of creating an account and promoting it. This is how my account looks like. My project is about yoga, it’s essentially a blog about yoga.

What do you need to do when creating?

  • you come up with a name, upload a picture (in fact, all experts advise not to put a logo)
  • you will need to confirm the website, that is, go to the settings, get the code and add it to the site. Thus, your site will appear, under the name, in our example this is yoga lifestyles.

Under yoga lifestyles you can find the site (here you can see yogalifestyles.com). Here it can still be combined with Twitter, that is, automatically from Pinterekta to post to Twitter.

In the settings you will find the code that is installed on your site, and after that click on “Confirm”. When your site appears on this social network, use all of its rich features. Your pins will be called ricchiny, and more information will be added to them (more on this later). That is, we create a name, tie our site, add (necessarily!) A description.

Pinterest is a search engine, and it’s very important to write about our website in as much detail as we do in the search engines. We always write in the search engines Google and Yandex keywords, meta tags – after all. The same search mechanism works in Pinterest.

You must write down the key words.

For example, you can make some beautiful description, here, in our case, is Celebrating Yoga as a Lifestyle. That is, we have the keys to this yoga and lifestyle, and then you can list yoga poses, yoga inspiration. This is what people in Pinterest are looking for.

Create boards

In each account you will see a “+” sign on the left side, where you can create boards.

Boards – it’s like a collection of what relates to a certain keyword (that is, when we go into yoga yoga poses, so you can say daddies are). When we go into yoga poses, there will be only everything, everything about the poses in yoga. When we go to night time yoga, there should be everything in the evening yoga. Board – thematic folder.

People love very much when everything is structured in Pinterest. In this network, there are enough spammers that add substandard content and it is not clearly shared. If you spend a few days thinking about the structure of your account, then you will enjoy the results.